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 Hannaway & Byrnes Family Pages

What's New (past 60 days)

(Update - Jan  2020)

  • Recent new faces include Charles Hughes, born in Ummeracam in 1902-brother

    of Brian Hughes who married Lizzie, sister of Sarah Byrnes (the subject of

    these family records). Charles left for America in 1930 and married Rose Kirk

    in 1932 in Manhattan NY. Rose was from Tatebane just over the Irish border near


The paternal grandparents of Charles are now included, back to the

Gollogly and the Kirley family. The parents of Charles’ mother, Rose Grant, are

now included. Her father James Grant was from Carrigans townland - adjoining

Ummeracam; her mother was Bridget McVarry.


  • Francis Hannaway, born 1896, was the son of Hughie Hannaway from Slieve

    Gullion townland. Francis left for America in 1920 and in 1922 married Annie

    McGovern in Lynn, Massachusetts. Annie and her family were from near Belcoo in

    County Fermanagh on what later became the border between Ireland and the United

    Kingdom. Annie’s siblings and grandparents have been added.


  • Finally  a remarkable man, John Alphonsus McGlade, born in 1882. John’s mother Ann McGinnis was the daughter of

    Bartholomew McGinnis the original farmer in what later became the Hannaway

    house in Levelamore.

Ann McGinnis married John McGlade from the household next door (known later

as Mary McCoy’s, then John Crawley’s).

In 1884 Ann (McGlade) now a widow left for America to join her son

Brendan and daughter Bridget McGlade. With her were her 6 remaining children,

including John Alphonsus and they settled in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

“John wanted to become a priest and started college at St. Vincent

Seminary.  This school even today is way

out in the country. John would jump a train, probably to save money, to get to

school.  One day he missed and lost the

lower part of both arms; the year was 1915.”

“The Knights of Columbus, Supreme Council awarded him a full

scholarship at Catholic University, in Washington DC.  He graduated, June 11th, 1919 receiving a

degree of Bachelor of Laws. That year he was admitted to the Washington, PA County

Bar and to the Supreme Court of PA. At some point he retired to private

practice.  To do this he had a remarkable

memory. I have a copy of his memorial service, he died in June, 1962”.

I am grateful to Gwen McGlade (Auel) for these memories of her

great-uncle John. Gwen, from Pittsburgh now retired in Arkansas has generously shared

photos of the McGlade’s from Levelamore in USA. Also of Bartholomew McGinnis

(born 1867) better known as Brother Constantine CFX.

There are now more feature stories relating to both families and where they lived. Click in the red menu on the left to Search.

Covering 440 families and 1,360 individuals to date, I hope you find someone of interest.


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ReillyMich'l & Ann Chambers_m1877
ReillyMich'l & Ann Chambers_m1877
Picture Note: Marriage entry for Michael Riley and Anne Chambers - 30 Jan 1877, Sacred Heart Chapel, Bridgeton, Glasgow, Scotland. Anne was born in Ireland (from 1901 census); her parents William Chambers and Bridget O'Connor are "deceased".  
  6 Jan 2020
McGovern,Jn &Annie(FrancHann)_Agho_1901
McGovern,Jn &Annie(FrancHann)_Agho_1901
Picture Note: 1901 census of John McGovern, Annie Stewart and family in Agho townland. Agho is in the Civil Parish of Boho, County Fermanagh - bordering County Leitrim. Daughter Anne Marie (here aged 10) emigrated to Boston, Massachsetts in 1919 and in 1922 married Francis Hannaway from Levelamore, County Armagh. Sarah Stewart, aged 50, would be an Aunt of Annie Stewart - a sister of Annie's father, James Stewart. 
  6 Jan 2020
McGlade,John_USA_PetitionNat'lisation 1918
McGlade,John_USA_PetitionNat'lisation 1918
Picture Note: John McGlade (born Bessbrook Co Armagh in 1882) - USA Petition for Naturalization in the Pennsylvania District Court in Pittsburgh 10 Aug 1916.  
  6 Jan 2020
McGlade,John_USA_1917-18 WW1 draft
McGlade,John_USA_1917-18 WW1 draft
Picture Note: WW1 Draft Registration Card (1917-18) - John Alphonsus McGlade born 14 Dec 1882 in Ireland. John is a Law Student, residing 421 Fifth Avenue, Donora (near Pittsburgh) Pennsylvania.  
  6 Jan 2020
McGlade,John(JohnMcGl &AnnMcGinniss)_b1882
McGlade,John(JohnMcGl &AnnMcGinniss)_b1882
Picture Note: John McGlade, born 1882 in Bessbrook of Levalamore parents. 
  6 Jan 2020
McGlade,John &Matilda_1940
McGlade,John &Matilda_1940
Picture Note: John McGlade & Matilda Schwartz - 1940 census, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. John, aged 57, is a "Lawyer" in "Private Practice" despite losing both lower arms in a rail accident as a teenager.  
  6 Jan 2020
Picture Note: Birth of Bernard McGlade - 13 Feb 1866 in Levallemore (Levallymore) townland, County Armagh. Bernard's mother is "Ann Maglade (McGlade) formerly Maginnis". 
  6 Jan 2020
Picture Note: 1939 national Register at the outbreak of WW2 - an excerpt from Salford. Owen McGuinness (born 15 Aug 1908) a Builder's Labourer is living at 5 Wickham Street with Ellen (Nellie Hazeldine) born 2 Apr 1915.  
  6 Jan 2020
McGinnis,Anthony_Pittsburgh PA_1880
McGinnis,Anthony_Pittsburgh PA_1880
Picture Note: The 1880 census in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Anthony McGinnis, an Engineer, is living with his wife Mary McVitie, their three children and his mother-in-law.  
  6 Jan 2020
Picture Note: Birth of Samuel Lynch - 18 Jul 1900 at 30 Southburn Road, Airdrie (now part of Coatbridge), Scotland. The father is Patrick Lynch; mother is Mary Ann Gilmartin. Mary Ann died the following year - in 1901. In 1905 Patrick Lynch went on to marry Mary Hannaway, who was born in Levelamore in 1874 and had moved to Scotland.  
  6 Jan 2020
Lynch,Pat'k & MaryHann'y_C'bridge_1911
Lynch,Pat'k & MaryHann'y_C'bridge_1911
Picture Note: 1911 census in Coatdyke, now part of Coatbridge, Lanarkshire. Patrick Lynch aged 40 and his second wife Mary (Hannaway) aged 36 have been married 5 years and have had no children.  
  6 Jan 2020
Picture Note: Death of Mary Ann Gilmartin, aged 22 years - 28 Mar 1901 at 4 Callon Street, Airdrie, Scotland. Husband/widower Patrick Lynch signed the Registrar's entry on the same day-28 Mar 1901. Picture 
  6 Jan 2020
Kirk,Rose(ChHughes)_NY passengList(26&25)_1930
Kirk,Rose(ChHughes)_NY passengList(26&25)_1930
Picture Note: Rose Kirk - Passenger List of ss TRANSYLVANIA sailing from Belfast to New York in June 1930. The excerpts are from the L-H and R-H pages. The upper clip (L-H page) shows Rose Kirke No 26 (age 35) from "Kilcurry, Irish Free State". Lower clip was misaligned at 25/26 , Nearest Relative " Father Mr James Kirke, Tatebane, Skyhill, Kilcurry, Dundalk, Co. Louth". Rose is carrying $350 and is joining "Cousin John Kirk, 3806 3rd Avenue, New York". 
  6 Jan 2020
Hughes,May &Pat'k_Dorsey,No92 LandOutline&names
Hughes,May &Pat'k_Dorsey,No92 LandOutline&names
Picture Note: GoogleSat view of house & land of Patrick Hughes & May Byrnes. Their house was in the group of trees near todays house. Although abandoned by the 1950's it was used by Paddy Byrnes to store hay (Paddy born 1914, brother of Sarah Byrnes, was living in the Byrnes family home nearby in Umericam). Maggie Loye nearby was Maggie Byrnes sister of Sarah Byrnes.  
  6 Jan 2020
Hughes,Chas &family_NY_1940
Hughes,Chas &family_NY_1940
Picture Note: Extract from the April 1940 census in the Bronx, New York. Charles Hughes from Umericam, Co Armagh and Rose (Kirk) from Tatebane townland. Tatebane is about 3 miles from Umericam - on the border in County Louth.  
  6 Jan 2020
Hughes,Charles(Umm'cam)_USA Nat'sation_1936
Hughes,Charles(Umm'cam)_USA Nat'sation_1936
Picture Note: Charles Hughes - Petition for Naturalisation signed and witnessed 17 Feb 1936 in the Southern District Court of New York.  
  6 Jan 2020
Byrnes,Peter &Bradley_m1938
Byrnes,Peter &Bradley_m1938
Picture Note: Marriage of Peter Burns/Byrnes and Mary Bradley - 12 Oct 1938. An extract from the civil registration completed by the authorised RC celebrant in St Malachy's RC church, Bessbrook. 
  6 Jan 2020
1939-McGinnis,James &Family
1939-McGinnis,James &Family
Picture Note: The 1939 (national) Register was completed at the outbreak of WW2 and from it citizens were issued with ID cards. Here James McGuinness & Mary (Hazeldine) are recorded with two children. 
  6 Jan 2020
1932 McGinnis,Barney & James
1932 McGinnis,Barney & James
Picture Note: Barney (left) & James McGinnis in 1932. Photo courtesy McGinnis/Shearer family.
  6 Jan 2020
1850 Levallymore & SlGullion-Hanaways Historic 6inchMap
1850 Levallymore & SlGullion-Hanaways Historic 6inchMap
Picture Note: 1850 map - Levallymore & Sl Gullion-Hanaways; without tenant property boundaries (OSI map)
Keywords: Picture 
  6 Jan 2020


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BYRNES RED BOOK – Nan Martin entries
BYRNES RED BOOK – Nan Martin entries
Picture Note: BYRNES RED BOOK – Nan Martin entries 
  6 Jan 2020
Hannaway, John 1937 US Consulate
Hannaway, John 1937 US Consulate
Picture Note: John Hannaway, 1937 death & US Consulate 
  6 Jan 2020


 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Location   Last Modified 
Kelly, George 
   6 Jan 2020
McGlade, John 
b. 8 Dec 1882  Bessbrook, County Armagh, Ireland  6 Jan 2020
McGlade, Ann 
b. Jul 1877  Levalamore, Lislea, Co Armagh, Ireland  5 Jan 2020
Kriglein, Eva 
b. Abt 1869  Maryland, USA  5 Jan 2020
Schwartz, Matilda 
b. Abt 1899  Pennsylvania, USA  5 Jan 2020
Schwartz, Philip 
   5 Jan 2020
McGinnis, Ann 
b. Apr 1839  Levalamore, Lislea, Co Armagh, Ireland  4 Jan 2020
Murtagh, Mick 
   4 Jan 2020
McGlade, Bridget 
b. 15 Jun 1865  Levalamore, Lislea, Co Armagh, Ireland  1 Jan 2020
McGlade, Bernard 
b. 13 Feb 1866  Levalamore, Lislea, Co Armagh, Ireland  1 Jan 2020
McGlade, John B 
b. 23 Feb 1907  Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA  31 Dec 2019
McGlade, Alice V 
b. Oct 1898  Pittsburgh, Pennslvania, USA  31 Dec 2019
McGlade, Mary Lois 
b. 5 Aug 1900  Pittsburgh, Pennslvania, USA  31 Dec 2019
Hannaway, John 
b. 25 Jan 1907  Levalamore, Lislea, Co Armagh, Ireland  28 Dec 2019
Crawley, James 
b. 5 Apr 1902  Ballard, Lislea, Co Armagh, Ireland  27 Dec 2019
Mahoney, Taylor 
b. 6 Aug 1888  Tennessee, USA  27 Dec 2019
McParland, Nellie 
b. 14 May 1889  Chicago, Illinois, USA  27 Dec 2019
Murphy, Margaret 
   26 Dec 2019
Hanlon, Mike 
b. 10 Oct 1910  Ballard, Lislea, Co Armagh, Ireland  26 Dec 2019
Hughes, Patrick 
b. Abt 1849  County Armagh, Ireland  22 Dec 2019

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Last Modified 
 I1411  Philip Schwartz  I1412  Eva Kriglein    5 Jan 2020
 I1338  John McGlade  I1410  Matilda Schwartz  1930  5 Jan 2020
 I171  Owen McGinnis  I1394  Ellen Hazeldine  27 Apr 1935  29 Dec 2019
 I260  Frank Golden  I33  Sadie McParland  26 Aug 1925  27 Dec 2019
 I123  Michael Reilly  I451  Ann Chambers  30 Jan 1877  16 Dec 2019
 I1408  William Chambers  I1409  Bridget O'Connor    16 Dec 2019
 I1405  Daniel Kerr  I451  Ann Chambers  8 Jan 1866  16 Dec 2019
 I1406  Charles Kerr  I1407  Cecilia Sweeney    16 Dec 2019
 I21  Anthony McGinnis  I1353  Mary McVitie  4 May 1866  9 Dec 2019
 I1395  Patrick Lynch  I1398  Mary Anne Gilmartin  17 Apr 1896  4 Dec 2019
 I1399  Michael Gilmartin  I1400  Mary Ann Griffin    30 Nov 2019
 I1395  Patrick Lynch  I42  Mary Hannaway  19 May 1905  30 Nov 2019
 I1396  Samuel Lynch  I1397  Rose McNally    29 Nov 2019
 I1102  Charles Hughes  I1382  Rose Kirk  18 Oct 1932  24 Nov 2019
 I1392  Robert Hazeldine  I1393  Ellen Carr    22 Nov 2019
 I1391  James Bradley        19 Nov 2019
 I59  Peter Byrnes  I135  Mary Bradley  12 Oct 1938  19 Nov 2019