County Armagh, Ireland


Latitude: 54.1474444, Longitude: -6.5152778


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Bridget  Abt 1847County Armagh, Ireland I1416
2 Bennett, Michael  1904County Armagh, Ireland I792
3 Bennett, Rose  Abt 1853County Armagh, Ireland I702
4 Byrnes, Josie  1864County Armagh, Ireland I73
5 Carr, Mary Ann  30 Aug 1874County Armagh, Ireland I786
6 Caulfield, Ellen  14 Dec 1872County Armagh, Ireland I805
7 Caulfield, Mary  25 Jun 1887County Armagh, Ireland I808
8 Crawley, Bridget  Abt 1848County Armagh, Ireland I1072
9 Crawley, Catherine Marian  12 Sep 1899County Armagh, Ireland I200
10 Crawley, James  14 Jan 1872County Armagh, Ireland I797
11 Crawley, John  5 May 1905County Armagh, Ireland I207
12 Crawley, Johnny  1865County Armagh, Ireland I185
13 Donnelly, Mary Jane  Abt 1860County Armagh, Ireland I1199
14 Farmer, Arthur  Abt 1811County Armagh, Ireland I832
15 Farmer, Catherine  1838County Armagh, Ireland I831
16 Gollogly, Mary  Abt 1897County Armagh, Ireland I1136
17 Gollogly, Thomas  Abt 1859County Armagh, Ireland I1125
18 Grant, James  Abt 1822County Armagh, Ireland I1097
19 Grogan, Bridget  Abt 1831County Armagh, Ireland I840
20 Hagan, Margaret  Abt 1889County Armagh, Ireland I1309
21 Hanlon, Anna  Feb 1863County Armagh, Ireland I798
22 Hanlon, Bernard  1779County Armagh, Ireland I1440
23 Hanlon, Bridget  1831County Armagh, Ireland I431
24 Hanlon, John  13 May 1908County Armagh, Ireland I381
25 Hanlon, Laughlin  Abt 1819County Armagh, Ireland I1115
26 Hanlon, Mary  Jul 1858County Armagh, Ireland I24
27 Hanlon, Mick  14 Nov 1867County Armagh, Ireland I30
28 Hanlon, Patrick  27 Mar 1877County Armagh, Ireland I28
29 Hanlon, Peter  26 Feb 1905County Armagh, Ireland I377
30 Hanlon, Sarah  Jul 1860County Armagh, Ireland I29
31 Hannaway, Mary  Abt 1851County Armagh, Ireland I310
32 Henry, Alice  1 Aug 1913County Armagh, Ireland I774
33 Henry, Bridget  Nov 1854County Armagh, Ireland I163
34 Henry, Bridget  1900County Armagh, Ireland I810
35 Henry, Catherine  Jul 1862County Armagh, Ireland I341
36 Henry, Ellen  Nov 1863County Armagh, Ireland I803
37 Henry, Ellen  1910County Armagh, Ireland I814
38 Henry, Jane  Jan 1859County Armagh, Ireland I801
39 Henry, John  Abt 1851County Armagh, Ireland I1164
40 Henry, John  Jun 1861County Armagh, Ireland I802
41 Henry, Lizzie  1906County Armagh, Ireland I813
42 Henry, Mary  Sep 1856County Armagh, Ireland I764
43 Henry, Mary  Jul 1858County Armagh, Ireland I340
44 Henry, Michael  Abt 1830County Armagh, Ireland I228
45 Henry, Minnie Kate  1901County Armagh, Ireland I811
46 Henry, Owen  Abt 1822County Armagh, Ireland I769
47 Henry, Owen  Jun 1857County Armagh, Ireland I339
48 Henry, Owen  1899County Armagh, Ireland I809
49 Henry, Patrick  Feb 1866County Armagh, Ireland I804
50 Henry, Patrick  1897County Armagh, Ireland I1172

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hannaway, Mary  27 Dec 1919County Armagh, Ireland I310
2 Hannaway, Patrick  19 May 1971County Armagh, Ireland I7
3 Henry, Owen  4 Jul 1902County Armagh, Ireland I769
4 Kelly, John  26 Aug 1907County Armagh, Ireland I244
5 Kelly, Owen  11 May 1880County Armagh, Ireland I766
6 Kelly, Patrick  5 Apr 1907County Armagh, Ireland I682
7 Loye, Patrick  8 Dec 1897County Armagh, Ireland I225
8 McArdle, Betty  26 Jun 1907County Armagh, Ireland I549
9 McGee, James  14 Mar 1918County Armagh, Ireland I458
10 Mcginnis, Ann  23 Nov 1893County Armagh, Ireland I604
11 McGinnis, Dominick  15 Jan 1927County Armagh, Ireland I175
12 McGinnis, Peter  5 Feb 1903County Armagh, Ireland I176
13 McGinnis, Sarah Ann  9 Mar 1907County Armagh, Ireland I497
14 McGlade, Bernard  19 Jan 1903County Armagh, Ireland I899
15 Murphy, Peter  9 Jul 1903County Armagh, Ireland I311


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Boyle, Mary  27 Jun 1863County Armagh, Ireland I459
2 Byrnes, Annie (Nan)  10 Jul 1860County Armagh, Ireland I68
3 Hannaway, Rose Ann  15 Nov 1878County Armagh, Ireland I179
4 Henry, Ellen  1 Dec 1863County Armagh, Ireland I803
5 Henry, Jane  26 Jan 1859County Armagh, Ireland I801
6 Henry, John  9 Jun 1861County Armagh, Ireland I802
7 Henry, Mary  29 Sep 1856County Armagh, Ireland I764
8 Henry, Patrick  28 Feb 1866County Armagh, Ireland I804
9 Malone, Edward  24 Aug 1849County Armagh, Ireland I418
10 Malone, Mary  22 Sep 1851County Armagh, Ireland I928
11 McGinnis, Dominick  21 Dec 1856County Armagh, Ireland I399
12 McKeown, Arthur  3 Oct 1860County Armagh, Ireland I827
13 Morgan, Ann  18 May 1875County Armagh, Ireland I847
14 Morgan, Thomas  27 Jun 1861County Armagh, Ireland I710
15 Sands, Catherine  6 Nov 1852County Armagh, Ireland I926
16 Sands, Elizabeth  7 Jan 1859County Armagh, Ireland I923
17 Sands, Hugh  27 Feb 1857County Armagh, Ireland I904
18 Sands, Mary Anne  8 Jan 1855County Armagh, Ireland I927
19 Sands, Patrick  15 Oct 1861County Armagh, Ireland I924


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Loye, Mary Kate  Apr 1911County Armagh, Ireland I220
2 Morgan, Peter  Apr 1901County Armagh, Ireland I291


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Caulfield, Mary  Apr 1901County Armagh, Ireland I808
2 Farmer, Arthur  May 1865County Armagh, Ireland I832
3 Henry, John  1892County Armagh, Ireland I802
4 Henry, Owen  1 Jun 1883County Armagh, Ireland I769
5 Kelly, Patrick  1907County Armagh, Ireland I682
6 Kelly, Patrick  1911County Armagh, Ireland I425
7 Loye, John  Oct 1872County Armagh, Ireland I222
8 Morgan, Henry  1903County Armagh, Ireland I777
9 Morgan, John  Sep 1879County Armagh, Ireland I700
10 Morgan, John  Nov 1888County Armagh, Ireland I727
11 Morgan, John  Nov 1917County Armagh, Ireland I700
12 Morgan, Michael  Jul 1895County Armagh, Ireland I973
13 Morgan, Peter  Nov 1917County Armagh, Ireland I291
14 Morgan, Thomas  28 Feb 1889County Armagh, Ireland I710
15 Mullen, Thomas  County Armagh, Ireland I1140
16 Murphy, Catherine  Apr 1896County Armagh, Ireland I577
17 Murphy, Mary  Jan 1889County Armagh, Ireland I1008
18 Murphy, Patrick  Jul 1895County Armagh, Ireland I974
19 O'Neill, Bernard  8 Apr 1901County Armagh, Ireland I1418
20 O'Neill, Elizabeth  8 Apr 1901County Armagh, Ireland I199


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Caulfield, Stephen  1872County Armagh, Ireland I806
2 Kelly, John  1 Jun 1883County Armagh, Ireland I244
3 Larkin, Stephen  21 Nov 1889County Armagh, Ireland I1162
4 McGee, James  Apr 1901County Armagh, Ireland I481
5 McGlade, Bernard  1893County Armagh, Ireland I899
6 Morgan, Patrick  28 Nov 1895County Armagh, Ireland I901
7 Murphy, Minnie  Jul 1875County Armagh, Ireland I536

Ω Baptism Role

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Ω Baptism Role    Person ID 
1 Farmer, Catherine  27 Jun 1863County Armagh, Ireland I831

Ω Marriage Role

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Ω Marriage Role    Person ID 
1 McGee, James  4 May 1865County Armagh, Ireland I458
2 McGee, Margaret  28 Nov 1895County Armagh, Ireland I839


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Henry / Caulfield  25 Feb 1892County Armagh, Ireland F286
2 Henry / Toal  5 Dec 1852County Armagh, Ireland F279
3 Kelly / Hannaway  8 Sep 1943County Armagh, Ireland F30
4 Kelly / Henry  12 Feb 1839County Armagh, Ireland F277
5 Kelly / Henry  1 Jun 1883County Armagh, Ireland F88
6 Kelly / Kierans  3 Jun 1872County Armagh, Ireland F241
7 McGee / Farmer  4 May 1865County Armagh, Ireland F293
8 McGee / Hannaway  20 Apr 1911County Armagh, Ireland F285
9 McGlade / McArdle  5 Feb 1893County Armagh, Ireland F308
10 Morgan / McGee  28 Nov 1895County Armagh, Ireland F311
11 Morgan / Morgan  16 Jan 1860County Armagh, Ireland F263
12 Morgan / Murphy  9 Jul 1895County Armagh, Ireland F193